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The Moon Fell From the Sky

Grigori Sariel

Leigh Sarier | Grigori Sariel
21 June
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Grigori Sariel.

Once, there was Sariel, eighth among the archangels, the moon of God, a healing angel like his brother Raphael and a prince of presence and the voice of God like the Metatron, and he was sent to lead 200 angels who would watch over the still young human race. And he did, and he loved one, and he Fell for her, descending from Mount Hermon to take her as his wife. He earned his place among humanity by teaching the forbidden knowledge of the moon to them, and earned himself the eternal enmity of all his Risen brothers.

That was a long time ago.

Now he still has the enmity of his brothers the angels, but he’s long since lost the girl who tempted him to Fall, and he has left the lands of Israel, settling instead in Alexandria, Louisiana, where he is Leigh Sarier. He owns Brimstone, a bar that caters to all - whatever humans wander in, of course, but also the Fallen, the demons, the not quite human creatures who walk the Earth as he does, and the angels. Brimstone’s only rule is that the war is left at the door, and Sariel enforces that rule with all the fierceness of an archangel and a general of the Grigori.

In a way, he still considers himself to be both.

Muse is played by Ian Somerhalder. Mun and muse are both over 18.